Establishing a customer without a password

I would certainly such as to have the ability to su to an additional customer to run a manuscript with lowered approvals. However I need to type the password in every single time, exists a means to create a customer without requiring the password motivate?

2019-05-07 07:41:01
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Answers: 2

You can su to root , and afterwards when you su to an additional customer, the password is not called for.

2019-05-10 06:37:14

Try sudo.

Add the complying with to your sudoers documents (by running visudo):

%you ALL= (restricted) NOPASSWD: ALL

where you is your username and also restricted is your lowered advantage customer.

You can after that run commands as restricted without providing a password:

sudo -u restricted whoami

You can additionally restrict what commands can be implemented using sudo by changing the ALL at the end of the line with the command line you intend to permit. See man sudoers for additional information.

2019-05-09 00:04:49