How can I get a Vault 101 Children is Jumpsuit

I'm on a mission to collect as several unique items as I can. Why? I can not claim, yet possibly some peculiar kind of OCD.

Anyhow, in this quest, making use of the checklists given at The Vault, there is the Vault 101 Children is Jumpsuit. Just how can I accumulate this as a grown-up gamer, viewing as it vanishes after you develop into a young adult, and also there do not appear to be any kind of children in Vault 101 upon your return?

Keep in mind : I'm on an XBox 360, so anything entailing the console will not benefit me. Nonetheless, for efficiency, whoever obtains below first with the console regulates to do it for COMPUTER users, go all out. I simply will not upvote (yet I'm certain others will certainly).

2019-05-13 04:33:03
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Hmmm ... I do not assume you can in fact locate it. The only one-piece suit I have actually located were the Vault 77 one-piece suit (located at heaven drops in the slaver barracks on a rack with a note near it),. the Red Jumpsuit (if you eliminate Red in Big Town), the armored 101 safe Jumpsuit (provided to you by Moira at the very start of the video game) and also ultimately the Handyman Jumpsuit (you need to eliminate Haley (at Haley is equipment). They are all one-of-a-kind things. Yet I assume the youngsters one-piece suit can not be located. Possibly it is just stated as summary text. The video game contains useless details (yet they aid to create the setup):)

Hope to served. ;)

2019-05-17 17:21:25

According to The Vault, the one-piece suit is just obtainable as a youngster, unless particular console cheats are made use of. (There were in fact two different web pages for the very same thing.)

Additionally, there is a wonderful FAQ readily available over at GameFAQs, describing the method to get each one-of-a-kind thing, consisting of those only availble trough problems (and also it is also for the Xbox360)

Now, for those desiring the one-piece suit anyways, on a console made it possible for variation, you can merely type player.additem 340F2 1 in the console

2019-05-13 18:46:54