Should I Do Anything Extra to Protect IPhone After Going to Beach?

My close friend informed me that the salt airborne on the coastline will certainly lower the life-span of iPhone.

Is it real? If of course, exists anything I can do to "clean up" the salt in my iPhone?

2019-05-13 04:35:09
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Put the iphone in an unlubed prophylactic. Navy Seals do this for their electronic devices. Functions wonderful.

2019-12-01 19:25:16

Well, you iPhone is rather well secured. Unless you went down things in the sand or sea, you can possibly simply cleanse the outdoors with some secure cleansing item. (i.e. all objective promise, benefits electronic devices, simply spray onto dustcloth first, after that clean phone).

2019-05-17 17:30:28

I assume your close friend is perplexing sea small houses with fact. What old seafarers call "salt air" is actually simply the scent of decomposing algae and also dead fish.

Salt, being a strong crystal, can not vaporize, so if there is any kind of "salt airborne" it would certainly remain in the kind of salt rocks flying around. I visualize that is possibly a whole lot much less most likely than "sand airborne", given that there is commonly not a great deal of unsequestered salt at the coastline. Additionally, I placed salt crystals in glass regularly (as an example, gauging mugs), and also have yet to see the salt scrape the glass in all, so I assume the opportunities of this theoretical "salt airborne" creating damages to an iPhone are almost missing.

I would certainly stress extra concerning a seagull pooping on it.

2019-05-17 17:25:44

While its real that autos and also several various other steel things will certainly corrosion much faster near the sea, the salt is rarely pertinent for your iPhone unless you intend on leaving it revealed on the coastline for a couple of months right.

The oils/sweat from your hands and also the basic activities in and also out of your bag/pocket/etc will certainly clean up the trace element of recurring salt that could be on it (:

On top of that, I'm rather certain its well secured sufficient that, unless you in fact had water spray straight on it or dropped it in the sea, the withins will certainly be great and also salt free.

Ultimately, the steel outside is stainless-steel, which is really immune to corrosion ...

In short, " she'll be appropriate friend" .

(The first gen apples iphone did have speaker/mic openings in case that were flawlessly sized to catch sand in the reds and also you would certainly shed volume/clarity, yet that has to do with the only actual coastline fear I can consider, and also not a concern from the 3G onwards with their better mesh on the speaker/mic).

2019-05-17 17:25:17