Is it feasible to regulate which display is taken into consideration the key display?

I simply included a 2nd display and also I faced that oh so regular concern where the displays are exchanged.

Evidently, the 2nd display has actually been recognized as "display 0" by, yet it is # 2 according to the ATI arrangement applet. (The applet numbers the displays beginning with 1, not 0.) That claimed, this 2nd display is the first one detailed by the applet.

This problems me, as I have actually faced concerns on Windows with twin - displays exchanging arbitrarily after reboots. Relocating the Gnome panels over was very easy sufficient, otherwise specifically noticeable. Nonetheless, I question the opportunity of various other points making use of "display 0" when, in this instance, I would certainly anticipate them on "display 1."

So, can I regulate which display is taken into consideration key?

2019-05-13 04:37:04
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Often your display arrangement can be located in the Xorg arrangement documents /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

Nonetheless, several modern-day circulations (such as current Ubuntu launches) attempt to stay clear of making use of an arrangement documents, given that keeping it can be a discomfort. You can create this documents originally by running:

# Xorg --configure

From there you can make more modifications. The Arch wiki has an article that needs to aid with making modifications.

If you intend to transform your key display without editing and enhancing xorg.conf you can attempt the following:

 $ xrandr --output XXXX --primary

Here XXXX need to be changed by the result you intend to be key. You can run

$ xrandr --current

To see the existing arrangement and also see what result tools are readily available. Commonly these will certainly have names like "VGA1", "LVDS1", or various other names that describe the link that is made use of.

Establishing the display as key will commonly relocate your panels over too, which behaves if you are making use of a laptop computer and also intend to transform which display is the key display numerous times a day. I locate this a whole lot better than developing an xorg.conf documents, yet my display arrangement adjustments numerous times a day.

2019-05-17 17:55:13