What is a practical strategy for taking care of applications, related to one iTunes account, on numerous iOS tools?

I have an iPhone 4, an iPad, and also an iPhone 3G repurposed as a "touch" for a youngster. The except it is, there are applications I carry my iPhone 4 that I do not desire on my iPad, and also some on the old 3G that I do not desire on either. What is one to do?

I've attempted taking care of by hand which apps sync on which tool, yet this details obtains shed occasionally, which suggests a massive application dump throughout the iPad and also iPhone 4.

What would certainly appear most reliable is, while the "acquired" application swimming pool would certainly prevail, each tool would certainly have an acquired part of this swimming pool (so they would not need to re - acquisition), therefore would/could never ever accidentally sync applications from an additional tool swimming pool.

I intend the checkboxing of each application estimates this, yet it is really irritating when this details is shed.

Any kind of aid for this? Many thanks!

2019-05-13 04:38:17
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You can uncheck "Automatically sync new applications" in iTunes. This will certainly stay clear of the scenario where iPhone applications that you do not intend to make use of on your iPad end up obtaining synced over. Apart from that, the only existing remedy is to by hand mark off each application you desire on each tool.

2019-05-17 19:09:54

The actual inquiry would certainly appear to be - just how does that details get shed? I sync in between 3 tools, an iPhone, iPad, and also Touch additionally - I've not had it misplace which applications got on which system. Just how does that take place?

2019-05-17 00:37:37