PDF Searching/Http Syncing on iPad

I have 2 needs with taking care of PDFs on an iPad, yet I can not appear to locate one application that will certainly address the trouble. I was wishing the iOS 4.2 upgrade would certainly resolve this, yet it does not.

Below are my needs:

  1. I require to be able to look for words in a PDF.

  2. I require to have this PDF sync to a HTTP link. That is to claim, I desire my PDF on my iPad to be the specific very same (the most up to date alteration) of my PDF on my HTTP web server.

The excellent remedy would certainly have the ability to simply make use of Safari and also open the PDF using Safari. Nonetheless, with Safari, I can not look for message within a PDF.

Any kind of ideas on just how I can address my trouble? Any kind of applications around that will do this? iBooks or Goodreader do not.

Many thanks beforehand.

2019-05-13 04:38:41
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Answers: 1

DropBox and also iAnnotate, and also given that iAnnotate sustains DropBox you actually just collaborate with one program as asked for.

2019-05-17 16:49:25