Where on the internet can I locate a thorough checklist of rolling - release Linux distros?

Do not hesitate to upload any kind of much less - well - well-known rolling distros, yet I'm actually seeking a thorough checklist. I'm considering developing a Wikipedia web page "List of rolling - release Linux distributions". If there is currently an excellent checklist someplace after that would certainly aid generate a draft of the Wikipedia web page. If there isn't such a checklist on the internet it highlights the demand of celebration that details on a website where most individuals would certainly seek it.

Wikipedia appeared to me like the noticeable selection yet pointers of a far better website [ideally, yet not always, a wiki ] rate.

Please do not upload Dev. - branches: eg Fedora - Rawhide, Mandriva - Cooker, OpenSuSE - Factory etc

Also, please do not upload the adhering to rolling - distros as I'm currently knowledgeable about them : Aptosid, LMDE, AnitX ; OpenSuSE - Tumbleweed ; Yoper ; Foresight ; PCLinuxOS ; Unity ; Arch, ArchBang, Chakra, Kahel ; Gentoo & Sabayon ; Lunar, Sorcerer, SourceMage.

If any kind of I've stated aren't rolling do remedy me. I recognize some could not call AntiX & LMDE rolling as Debian - Testing "cycles". I additionally recognize PCLOS & Sabayon can require to be re-installed (eg when PCLOS re - forks the Mandriva base).

2019-05-13 04:39:05
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Here is what I make use of to get details concerning Linux and also BSD distributions: http://distrowatch.com/

Go to the Their search, while wonderful, does not have a "moving - release" alternative. I would certainly recommend looking by the latest Linux kernel variation by picking "linux" under their plan search. One of the most current variation of any kind of plan is received parenthesis.

Searching for linux offered the following:

Arch Linux: existing

Chakra GNU/Linux : 0.4 - alpha2

Gentoo Linux: unpredictable, secure

Linux From Scratch: unpredictable

Lunar Linux: moonbase

Mandriva Linux: stove

Parted Magic : 5.8

PLD Linux Distribution : 3.0

Sorcerer: grimoire

T2 SDE: photo

Zenwalk Linux : 7.0 - alpha

2019-05-17 18:27:46