How do I inform a manuscript to await a process to start approving demands on a port?

I require a command that will certainly await a process to start approving demands on a details port.

Exists something in linux that does that?

while (checkAlive -host localhost -port 13000 == false)
  do some waiting

2019-05-13 04:43:14
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The ideal examination to see if a web server is approving links is to in fact attempt attaching. Make use of a normal customer for whatever method your web server talks and also attempt a no - op command.

If you desire a light-weight TCP or UDP customer you can drive merely from the shell, usage netcat. Just how to program a discussion relies on the method ; several methods have the web server close the link on a particular input, and also netcat will certainly after that exit.

while ! echo exit | nc localhost 13000; do sleep 10; done

You can additionally inform netcat to exit after developing the link. It returns 1 if there is no link and also 0 if there is so we negate its result. Relying on your variation of netcat, it might sustain one or both of the adhering to commands:

while ! nc -z localhost 13000 </dev/null; do sleep 10; done
while ! nc -q 1 localhost 13000 </dev/null; do sleep 10; done

A different strategy is to await the web server process to open a paying attention outlet.

while netstat -lnt | awk '$4 ~ /:13000$/ {exit 1}'; do sleep 10; done

Or you could intend to target a details process ID:

while ! lsof -n -Fn -p $pid | grep -q '^n.*:13000$'; do sleep 10; done

I can not consider any kind of means to respond to the process beginning to pay attention to the outlet (which would certainly stay clear of a ballot strategy) except making use of ptrace.

2019-05-17 16:51:40