Can one COMPUTER be made use of by 2 users at the very same time using twin - display?

Given that modern-day PCs can make use of 2 displays at the very same time I ask yourself if it is feasible to connect in 2 key-boards and also computer mice too to have both displays run 2 (essentially) independent X - sessions simultaneously?

2019-05-13 04:43:39
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In short, yes, this is feasible. The pertinent search string you are seeking is "Multi - seat X".

The Ubuntu wiki, Gentoo wiki, Debian wiki and also Arch wiki all have write-ups pertaining to multi - seat X. A variety of various other write-ups can be located on the Xorg wiki page on multiseat and also a lot more can be located on google.

From what I can distinguish these write-ups, there are 2 means to do this:

  • Multiple X web servers, or
  • Using Xephyr in addition to Xorg.

Which of these approaches will certainly benefit you will certainly rely on the variation of Xorg you are running and also your equipment. Numerous X web servers appear to be the less complicated course if your equipment arrangement sustains it. There is additionally function to be performed with the display screen supervisor, audio web server, and also various other parts - - much of which is covered in the numerous write-ups connected over.

In addition, there is a multiseat display manager (MDM) to automate these arrangements. It is not yet incorporated in the majority of circulations, though (the mdm plan in Ubuntu is a homonym).

2019-05-17 17:24:45