Starcraft 2 - Hidden vs. Visible Ranking

In this question, tzenes states that there are "concealed" and also "noticeable" ranking factors in SC2.

  • What is the distinction in between both (besides the noticeable " Hidden are concealed" )?
  • Just how do you watch your noticeable factors? Is it merely your department - ranking, or do you additionally have an ELO - like ranking?
  • And also why did Blizzard divide our ranking right into a noticeable and also a concealed?
2019-05-13 04:43:52
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So concealing your real ELO Style position was a relocate to protect against smurfing along with straight contrast in between individuals in various departments. The best objective of a department is to stop you from being rank # 1,000,000 (my existing MW2 Rank). Nonetheless, if your ELO ranking was presented it would certainly threaten this objective.

Due to the fact that rating within a department is still vital, Blizzard additionally presented a factors system to make sure that individuals can be come up to in a solitary department. This number shows up to make sure that individuals can utilize it for individual objectives (and also to recognize why so and also so is over them regardless of a win/loss number).

Ultimately, your Hidden ranking is in fact a price quote which is made use of to establish that your challengers are and also what organization to position you in. As factors are just pertinent to an offered organization, it is essential to have such a ranking to permit positioning throughout organization innovation.

2019-05-17 17:33:05