What do I type to generate the command icon (⌘) in Mac OS X?

What mix of keys do I push to generate the command icon (⌘) on Mac OS X?

(I replicated the above icon from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command_key.)

2019-05-13 04:47:06
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If you are simply seeking the Unicode variations of Mac OS X keys, you can make use of this site to replicate and also paste them from the message box.

Extra usually, Mac OS X gives a pane to insert unique personalities. You'll locate it under Edit - > Emoji and also Symbols in any kind of program that takes message input. The Command key icon can be located by looking for it is name "area of passion". To insert the character, double click it.

If you are actually hardcore and also are seeking a means to type the character by getting in the Unicode hex code, this is feasible:

  1. Go right into System Preferences - > Keyboard - > Input Sources, click"+", scroll to "others", select "Unicode Hex Input" and also click "Add"

  2. From the input resource selector in the food selection bar, select "Unicode Hex Input"

  3. To enter a Unicode character, hold back option and also type the 4 - figure hex code for the character and also it will certainly be put. In this instance, it would certainly be option+2318.

2019-05-17 17:11:46