Why can not Ubuntu see any kind of vacuum?

I've obtained an exterior terabyte drive to store my scrap (in fact I suggest a dividing on it, I've obtained a few other dividings there). The FS made use of is ext3. Also after I delete some documents there (so there go to the very least some hundreds mibs free), Nautilus programs absolutely no vacuum there and also does not permit to also create a directory site. Just how to repair this?

I make use of Ubuntu 10.10 day-to-day construct, last upgraded bunch the day prior to the other day (Oct 03, 2010).

2019-05-13 04:48:01
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You need to attempt to delete even more points simply in instance, points do not often tend to constantly collaborate with a virtually complete drive, attempt making use of baobab or an additional directory dimension visualizer to figure out what can and also need to be removed.

2019-05-18 08:18:37

ext2/ 3 filesystems have a particular percent of blocks booked for a. " blessed" customer ; a filesystem could look like "virtually complete" yet just. origin can contact it. My hunch is that you are striking this restriction.

By default 5% of the complete filesystem dimension is booked for the root. customer. Both the scheduled percent and also the "blessed" customer can be. transformed with the tune2fs command.

To transform the percent of scheduled blocks to 1%, run (as root):

tune2fs -m 1 /dev/your_disk_partition_device

You can additionally set the scheduled blocks percent to 0, hence properly. disabling this attribute on a particular dividing.

To transform the blessed customer, run (as root):

tune2fs -u username /dev/your_disk_partition_device

More information on both alternatives on the tune2fs male web page.

2019-05-17 18:39:40

Sounds like a loser disk to me (not launching the room). A person I was talking with at the weekend break was having the very same trouble with home windows and also a new 0.5 TB HDD (I have no suggestion of the make I hesitate). Deleting documents would certainly remove them, nonetheless the room was not being launched.

Is the Disk Utility reporting any kind of SMART failing problems?

2019-05-17 18:25:59