How do I lure a Walrus? (Or various other huge creature)

I'm enjoying playing dwarf fortress (Not that sort of enjoyable. At the very least, not yet) in a Taiga/ Arctic sea biome, and also I see that every occasionally, I get a pack of 2 - 3 walruses turning up on my map.

This created a solitary satisfied idea : tame walruses. Battle Walruses, also. I sought out on the Dwarf Fortress wiki on just how to record real-time pets, and also every little thing indicated cage catches.

2 inquiries:

a) My Taiga/ Tundra/ Ocean map is hefty on the open rooms. Exists any kind of method to "baiting" my cage catches such that I can increase the likelyhood that a walrus stumbles right into it?

b) if cage catches are the only means to record a real-time pet, what does the "capture real-time land pet" job at the butcher is store in fact do?

2019-05-13 04:49:10
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I do not think that there is any kind of means of raising the opportunities of capturing another than placing extra down and also placing them in the appropriate areas where pets stroll.

The "Capture Live Land Animal" job in fact records vermin. It makes use of a pet catch as opposed to a cage, yet after capturing them, you'll need to place the vermin in a cage to release it (using bar) after you tame it using "Tame Small Animal" anyhow. They can be made pet dogs, yet individuals do not actually like vermin a lot. I do not assume that you can massacre them either so I 'd possibly advise versus this.

2019-05-17 17:14:15