What I'm intended to do with this Chainsaw?

In the old Maniac Mansion Game for the commodore 64, you can locate a Chainsaw in the cooking area.

I never ever located any kind of usage for it!

I constantly questioned what I'm intended to do with it?

Exists any person that could make it function? Possibly Bernard could "prepare" some gas?

2019-05-13 04:50:05
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Of training course some Lucasarts humour:

The video game included some infamous false trails, such as a power saw for which there was no gas, regardless of several hopeful rumours on the contrary. In among the in - jokes that are a characteristic of the LucasArts journey video games, the 2nd SCUMM video game, Zak McKracken and also the Alien Mindbenders, has some gas "for power saws just", yet no power saws.

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2019-05-17 18:13:16