Is it feasible too an x86 Linux bit making use of both 80x25 message setting gaming consoles and also VESA framebuffer gaming consoles?

The Linux bit records that you can pick too Linux with VESA framebuffer gaming consoles as opposed to the default 80x25 message setting gaming consoles.

For message application screening objectives, one might require both settings all at once. As an example, ALT+1 to ALT+3 in 80x25 message setting and also ALT+4 to ALT+6 in framebuffer setting.

Exists a means to attain twin setting message presents in a solitary boot?

2019-05-13 04:52:15
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If you boot the bit in message setting (criterion on x86), you can transform the VESA setting after boot with vbetool, making use of the vbemode activity.

If you boot the bit in framebuffer setting (criterion on non - x86), you can transform the resolution at runtime with fbset.

When you push ALT+L, etc, the bit possibly sends out SIGWINCH to the INIT procedure (pid 1). The default init program possibly creates a kbrequest occasion, you might have the ability to notice that by changing /etc/inittab and also have init run a manuscript that establishes the setting for you.

2019-05-17 23:25:32