How do I watch a track is author on my iPod touch?

Exists any kind of means of watching the author of a certain track in the Ipod Touch? I recognize you can arrange tracks by author, yet what I intend to do is while paying attention to a certain cd (symphonic music), watch the authors of the various tracks.

2019-05-13 04:52:42
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Answers: 2

There is a tiny application you can locate here

Don't stress, it is all Japanese. Yet the application functions actually great and also reviews all (!) ID3 tags of the existing track having fun.

Given that I am paying attention ideally to symphonic music, also, I despise iTunes non - current capacity to show all pertinent tag details.

2019-12-01 19:32:55

I do not assume this is feasible in the default 'Music' application which is fairly straightforward and also uncomplicated. The only remedy would certainly be to add the author to the track is title yet I intend you currently thought of this set ...

Finding an additional application for paying songs yet with even more alternatives would certainly be an additional remedy. Are you open up to having an additional application for playing songs?

2019-05-18 07:46:55