prototype.js or jQuery for new tasks?

Should I make use of prototype.js or jQuery for a new task? Bed rails features prototype.js yet jQuery appears the library of selection for the remainder of the globe. Is prototype.js still under energetic growth? It appears a little messy ...

2019-05-07 07:44:56
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While externally it's based upon your choice, take into consideration considering the collections, plugins, and also examples of points that you intend to make use of jQuery or Prototype to complete. As an example, with a new Rails task all AJAX is done making use of model by default. Additionally if you intend to make use of jQuery UI or jQTouch (mobile) I would certainly advise jQuery.

2019-05-09 07:38:59

The factors I make use of jQuery over any kind of various other library:

Fast and also Lightweight
jQuery remains to increase the efficiency of their library also in of small - alteration - degree launches. When they launched 1.4.2, the rate of the library was substantially raised also from 1.4.1, as received an Ajaxian blog post concerning its release. Efficiency evaluation of 1.4 contrasted to 1.3 was done by the jQuery group in the release announcement for 1.4, revealing that 1.4 had actually been greatly maximized in the locations of its most constant usage which efficiency had actually additionally raised throughout the board.

jQuery is offered by 48 of the leading 2000 internet sites in the Alexa directory site, contrasted to Prototype's 6, MooTools's 3, and also Dojo's 1.

Constructed With's Javascript Distrobution show that jQuery is made use of by over 40% of their indexed websites. Constructed With's jQuery Usage Statistics show 32% of the Top 10,000 websites, 23% of the leading 100,000 websites, and also 15% of the leading 1,000,000 websites in their index making use of jQuery. Compare this to Prototype's 5%, 4%, and also 2% specifically in those groups. Additionally see that while jQuery's uses are all trending continuously upwards, Prototype's uses are all trending downward.

Proactively (and also Intelligently) Developed
In March, jQuery uploaded on its blog Microsoft to Expand its Collaboration with the jQuery Community. From the blog post:

The jQuery Project is delighted to introduce that Microsoft is increasing its assistance of the jQuery JavaScript Library via new campaigns, to include code payments, item assimilation, and also the appropriation of added resources.


Microsoft will certainly additionally deliver an existing release of the jQuery JavaScript Library in both Visual Studio 2010 and also ASP.NET MVC along with remain to host existing variations of the library on the Microsoft CDN.

Microsoft is currently consisted of in the area of energetic factors to the jQuery codebase. Microsoft has some really clever programmers. Microsoft additionally monetarily adds to jQuery. Microsoft has a whole lot of loan. They are additionally offering jQuery instantaneous direct exposure to any kind of programmer with Visual Studio. Microsoft is additionally working with ASP.NET to especially make jQuery's integration better:

Also find out just how ASP.NET AJAX was made to function flawlessly with jQuery, just how you can create ASP.NET AJAX regulates straight from jQuery and also just how you can make use of the jQuery library in ASP.NET AJAX code.

Extra on Microsoft's use jQuery can be located in Scott Guthrie's ASP.NET post jQuery and Microsoft.

jQuery's source code is organized openly on GitHub. This is an and also for me directly given that I favor Git to various other SCM systems.

jQuery's Sizzle selector engine is wonderful. And also it's wonderful due to the fact that jQuery isn't working with it alone. In a blog post announcing the release of v1.3 early in 2014, they primarily claimed "We recognize we're not smarter than everyone else and also we're extra curious about progressing the area by collaborating with clever individuals than in claiming we're far better than they are."

One point that came to be really noticeable throughout the growth of the new engine : We intended to have the ability to team up on it with various other collections and also programmers. We saw a possibility for some strong cooperation with several of the most effective JavaScript programmers - the outcome of which will certainly aid customers of all collections. Consequently we saw to it that Sizzle had the ability to function entirely standalone (no dependences).

In addition, as an indicator of excellent confidence and also readiness to team up, we've launched the resource code to Sizzle to the Dojo Foundation. We desired an usual conference ground where every person would certainly have the ability to interact and also under which there would certainly be a clear lengthy - term copyright owner.

Now we're collaborating with Prototype, Dojo, Yahoo UI, MochiKit, and also TinyMCE (and also several others) on Sizzle, sharpening it to excellence.

Mobile Support
In the YayQuery podcast, Episode 18 (mp3), John Resign lays out the prepare for jQuery's mobile assistance. The ideology is that the key jQuery library need to work with smart phones, as opposed to creating a committed mobile variation. Among the several advantages of this is that as your key library is made use of on basic along with mobile internet sites, it is more probable to come to be cached, and also mobile - details internet sites can make use of the very same cached variation as non - mobile internet sites. John additionally clarifies specifically which phones and also running systems are prepared for assistance.

jQuery can be made use of with PhoneGap to create indigenous applications making use of internet modern technologies for smart phones. It additionally has actually a plugin called JQTouch for constructing indigenous - like internet applications for the apple iphone and also various other mobile internet browsers. This suggests all those faster ways you have with jQuery convert to various other systems, lowering the learning contour.

Energetic in the Development Community
John Resig is an energetic speaker. He consists of not just significant meetings and also occasions yet has additionally appeared on podcasts like YayQuery. He has actually additionally created 2 publications : Javascript Ninja and also Pro Javascript , both concerning pure Javascript abilities not committed jQuery.

2019-05-09 06:27:13

Use whichever one fits your requirements the most effective. jQuery is a wonderful library under energetic growth with a wonderful (and also huge) area adhering to and also is my individual library of selection, yet do not allow that hinder you from making use of Prototype if it is the appropriate device for the work.

2019-05-09 01:12:24

It's actually an issue of choice. I often tend in the direction of jQuery, directly. It's well recorded, has great deals of excellent plugins, and also makes my life a great deal less complicated. I've listened to some issues from the Prototype individuals concerning its dimension and also efficiency (sorry, I do not remember their details trouble) yet both of those facets have actually been improving and also far better.

I would certainly attempt both out and also see which one is a far better suitable for you.

2019-05-09 01:11:55

Nothing versus model yet it does not have the quantity of plug - ins or virtually as huge of an area as jQuery does.

For jQuery there is currently a plug - in for virtually anything, so I wind up creating a whole lot much less js.

2019-05-09 00:57:36

I think jQuery organized using Google CDN opens both.

2019-05-09 00:54:55

It's primarily an issue of choice. Some individuals do not such as just how Prototype expands things, but also for standard usage they are rather equal.

Model is still in energetic growth - they produced a release prospect for the next release simply a pair months earlier.

2019-05-09 00:54:36

It refers choice clearly. I have actually located jquery is a little yet harder to recognize for newbies given that the chaining is not actually instinctive specifically when asynchronous race problems take place. Nonetheless, jquery absolutely has even more plugins yet that can additionally be a negative aspect when way too many plugins are instantly filled.

2019-05-08 23:45:53

It actually relies on which you favor. Nonetheless, jQuery does appear to have a larger following, so sources for that could be very easy ahead by.

I assume you can get both organized from Google's web servers, and also jQuery organized from MS's web servers, which might enter into your factor to consider.

2019-05-08 23:34:24