Are there any kind of convenient methods for ousting ridiculous AI challengers?

Been attempting to get the success for 'loss 7 ridiculous AI in a free for all' and also it ended up that all the various other AI were removed by each various other, yet the last one was simply freaking ludicrous. Considered that it is AI and also not a gamer the bag of methods is mosting likely to be restricted, can you share any kind of experience you contend removing the ridiculous AI or any kind of exploitable weak points you've seen in just how it plays? As an example possibly one race often tends to be a little less complicated to defeat than an additional?

2019-05-13 04:56:03
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There is a details overview for this success in gamefaqs. To sum up, what you do is select a particular map called Extinction, choice protoss (and also your adversaries need to be all zerg), after that primarily, turtle your means to triumph. Block your opening with some very early photon cannons, after that you will certainly need to expand your base in the 2 islands in this map. In this way you can turtle in tranquility (you will at some point shed your major base).

On the islands, shield your bases with cannons and afterwards start creating service providers. By the time you reach end up constructing all your service providers (this will certainly be your major strike pressure clearly) there will certainly be 3 or 2 AI left for you to select off (given that it is a free for all)

extra detailed description below:

(have not attempted this yet given that i'm still terrified to attempt ridiculous, yet 2 of my close friends validated this functions - and also they have the orlan success to confirm it)

2019-05-17 18:01:16

Take this solution with a grain of salt, due to the fact that I have actually not attempted it myself yet. Yet I've read in other places (mostly the main SC2 discussion forums) that your best choice is to:

1) Turtle up and also wall surface off best you can, while awaiting the AI is to eliminate each various other (which seems like you currently do)

2) Pick a map with island developments which you can boldy expand to and also conveniently safeguard.

Not exactly sure what your recommended race is, yet the hostile island development clearly prefers a Terran option (as does walling off).

With any luck somebody else can come and also supply some suggestions based upon real experience:)

UPDATE : A SC2 discussion forum blog post speaking about this. They recommend Extinction or Lava Flow for the map. As soon as recommends going Toss and also massing Colossi while making all your adversaries Zerg. An additional recommends mass Battle Cruisers from the islands.

2019-05-17 17:59:17

Easiest means to do this is to start video game on the map Extinction. Set your self to Terran and also all your Opponents to Protoss. The factor you set the Comps to Prostoss is a lot of their strike will certainly be Ground base with the Occasional Void Ray. Raise of to the Little Island and also technology to Cruisers. When you do your intial take off just 5 of the 6 SCVs will certainly have the ability to select you. Take the 6th and also run him to high return location. after you get some sources make use of the 6th to construct an Expo and also raise it off to the high ground exposition where the watch towers are. do not spend way too much right into this exposition create it more than likely will be destroy later on in video game yet it wonderful to aid with the high gas and also minutes prices of massing Battle cruisers. Technology you BC to max out tools and also Armor. you just will require 2 starports and also get Yamato Cannons, Its a should to do this right.

The Attack. as soon as there is just one Comp left and also you have 12+BC send you your strike. when you see a Void ray make use of a Yamato cannon on it.

Notes : do not allow you fight cruisers strike early as a result of allowing compensation recognize you exist.

Its a very easy Achieve if you do it in this manner. I did it in this manner and also I aid my little Brother do it in this manner.

2019-05-17 16:57:45

This benefited me and also remains in reality very easy for any person to do:

1) Select the map "Lava Flows" and also play as terran
2) All your oponents need to be Zerg
3) When the video game begins, just harvest minerals and also construct just 10 SCVs.
4) When you have 400 minerals, construct a 2nd Command Center.
5) When the 2nd Command Center coatings, load both of them with 5 SCVs and also fly one to the island in leading left edge and also the 2nd one to the island in lower left edge.
6) Harvest like insane and also construct ONLY battlecruisers.
7) Take out the last AI that endures (the correct time to strike is when you have around 150/ 200 supply, the AIs will possibly strike you then anyhow, yet with 12+BCs they stand no opportunity, believe me).

2019-05-17 16:55:30