Need a designers suggestions on *X display screen supervisor, window manager and also composit supervisor mix

First of all : I asked this inquiry on SuperUser, when I had not been thinking of a StackExchange Site for Linux - relevant inquiries. So if this goes against any kind of regulations please do not hesitate to close.

I have actually battled with myself whether i need to ask this inquiry yet I locate myself stuck and also I require an additional experienced point of view.
I can not appear locate the appropriate mix of display screen and also window manager (and also composit supervisor). I have actually attempted some various mixes yet a lot of them do not benefit me. I have actually been collaborating with Linux for a couple of years currently and also presently I'm running Gentoo with GDM, Openbox (stand alone, Gnome mindful) and also xcompmgr.
Yet I have actually attempted Metacity, Awesome and also Fluxbox with and also without Compiz, yet constantly with GDM. What I desire : A light-weight, HIGHLY configurable setting that does not rely upon computer mouse - input way too much (with the exception of internet surfing and also photo handling). At 95% I function shows approximately with numerous gaming consoles and also desktops on numerous displays.
What makes me ask is that the majority of light-weight settings appear rather "incomplete" and also show unanticipated actions on a regular basis which does not make me really feel also excellent as I desire a setting thats secure.
And also certainly I desire a setting which is not TOO hideous to consider as I utilize it at approximately 10 hrs a day.:) Any ideas? What do you make use of in a comparable scenario?
Many thanks for any kind of suggestions!

(At SuperUser I was informed to attempt XFCE. I am doing that now.)


2019-05-13 04:56:50
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I recognize many individuals make use of XMonad. It is very configurable and also scriptable, it incorporates with GNOME etc The only 'negative aspect' is that it makes use of Haskell, a beatyful yet not so preferred purly useful language.

2019-05-17 18:12:22

If you intend to go mouseless, you need to attempt a tilling wm. Directly, my fave is Awesome, yet there are plenty because Question.

When it comes to a composite supervisor, xcompmgr has actually currently been stated, yet Cairo Composite Manager (CCM) appears wonderful also, although I locate it much less secure still. As constantly, YMMV.

2019-05-17 18:07:55