Why does not Annie is Bear increase HP or damages on degree up?

It is been a while that Annie is Ultimate, mobilizing a bear, does not do what it is intended to upon leveling up. Does any person recognize why?

2019-05-13 04:57:13
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I do not recognize if you suggest its uneven when you level the spell or what, yet below is what is intended to take place. Every single time you placed a degree in Summon: Tibbers he raises in HP, Damage and also his Aura (as well as price to mobilize):

  • Cost: 150/ 200/ 250 mana.
  • Magic Damage: 200/ 325/ 450 (npls 0.7 per capacity power)
  • Tibber is Health: 1,200/ 1,600/ 2,000 wellness.
  • Tibber is Damage: 80/ 105/ 130
2019-05-21 10:55:20