Can I vehicle - scroll when opening up a folder?

When I open a folder in the tree pane, I intend to present the below - folders, and also am most likely to intend to see every one of them. I usually after that intend to open a below - folder and also watch the folders within that.

What usually takes place is that component of the checklist of below - folders is presented. I scroll so I can see them all, select one, and afterwards need to scroll to see every one of them ...

Is there a means to set up nautilus to make sure that the folder display screen is scrolled when I open a below - folder, to enable me to see all the below - folders - or at the very least, the first screen of them?

2019-05-13 04:57:49
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Nautilus does not presently have a means to do this.

From a technological viewpoint, this in fact should not be also tough to implement. Nautilus uses the GtkTreeView widget to present the documents tree, so in such a way it currently has the capacity to scroll to a specific item in the list. The only missing out on item is the guideline from Nautilus to inform GtkTreeView to scroll.

The harder job remains in encouraging the GNOME growth group that this scrolling actions will certainly make Nautilus extra instinctive for day-to-day users . If you intend to seek this, the very first step is to recommend the suggestion on Nautilus's Ubuntu Brainstorm page. This is the programmers' preferred methods of recommending suggestions that would certainly fast to program.

2019-05-17 17:31:45