What regulates switching off throughout overheating on Linux

I began experience getting too hot (I have a couple of feasible instigators for it and also the reason is different inquiry) yet I questioned what regulates handling of getting too hot?

Occasionally my computer system:

  • Halts effectively (" System is dropping NOW")
  • Is stopped by controller (screen transforms empty, bye-bye all not contacted disk cache)

Hence my inquiry - just how to transform actions to hibernation and/or crossbreed - hibernations (well - approximate command - from that factor I could take care of)? Is is feasible to define treshholds to increase secure restrictions?

2019-05-13 04:57:58
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Well, generally you can set this temperature level in the BIOS setups and also it relies on the CPU type - I assume your CPU is fuming, not a few other equipment component. If you are running linux, you can constantly construct some manuscript reviewing out temperature levels from/ proc/acpi/ ... documents - you can find temperature level details there on some systems. Or you can make use of software program like Lm_sensors which can additionally find temperature level sensing units. After that I presume you can construct manuscript which reviews out temperature level and also concern sync and also closure early to stay clear of tough crash.

2019-05-17 19:05:24