How to support Windows 7 on Boot Camp to a Mac - formatted exterior drive?

I have MacBook Pro with most recent Snow Leopard on it. I simply acquired an Iomega vanity exterior HDD for Time Machine backup.

I additionally run Windows 7 on Boot Camp dividing and also I generally make use of Parallels 6 to run it, yet I saw that Time Machine does not backup Boot Camp dividing.

I mosted likely to Windows 7 Backup and also Restore device to see if I can backup Windows independently yet it really did not identify my Iomega HDD possibly due to the fact that it is Mac - formatted.

I uncovered MacDrive that permits Windows to collaborate with Mac - formatted disks. I'm asking yourself if that will certainly permit me to make use of Windows Backup and also Restore device to backup to Iomega HDD.

Will it function?

What is your Boot Camp Windows 7 on - website backup approach? I would certainly such as to stay clear of acquiring an additional exterior HDD for Windows ...

2019-05-13 04:58:45
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I maintain my records on the Mac side as I'm virtually just making use of Parallels to run my BootCamp install, to make sure that means they are supported. I do not actually mind doing a fresh reinstall of windows if something fails.

2019-05-18 07:46:27


Saves your entire Windows installment as a photo that you can recover later on. Superb for supporting and also recovering Windows bootcamp installments, yet the programmer is gone, yet the software program might still function however.

Some individuals claim it works with Snow Leopard, while it does not. I'm intending on utilizing it in a hard drive updating, yet that is simply me. Need to function great though.

2019-05-18 07:41:20

Using Snow Leopard Disk Utility, I made 3 dividings on an exterior disk drive:

  • HFS+for Time Machine
  • MSDOS, ultimately transformed to NTFS, for Windows 7 backup
  • EXFAT for shared media as an example iTunes Library

I have actually not yet made a decision concerning what backup plan to make use of for Windows 7. Presently, I'm making use of Microsoft is Windows 7 backup remedy, with hand-operated photo documents, and also attempting to maintain any kind of information documents in the Cloud.

I do not yet have also 10 days experience with this arrangement.

2019-05-17 17:54:20