My Google Voice services maintains obtaining stuck on "reactivating"

The "UpdateService" for Google Voice frequently maintains obtaining stuck on "reactivating" and also consequently I lose out on obtaining SMS messages from Google Voice. I've currently been bring down on some unneeded services and also it does not feel like it has actually aided a great deal. Any kind of various other pointers or ideas concerning this trouble?

I'm presently running CM6, yet it took place in the past on supply also.

2019-05-07 07:45:55
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I have not seen this certain concern prior to, yet Kevin Purdy's "Holy Trinity" of actions to take with applications that simply aren't functioning effectively is:

From Settings | Applications | Manage applications |

  • Force stop

if that does not aid

  • Clear cache

if that does not aid

  • Clear information

and also if that still does not aid, attempt the nuclear alternative:

  • uninstall and also re - install
2019-05-09 00:05:16