Is there a BSD os that can be started off a sensible drive partition?

From numerous BSD os' documents, there is a need for it to be started off a key partition. Exists any kind of BSD that can be started off a sensible partition in some indirect fashion? Otherwise, what is/are the technological factor (s)?

2019-05-13 05:04:57
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I can consider 3 difficulties:

  • The OS itself. Regarding I recognize, this not a trouble, given that all BSDs store their very own partition table (the a, b, c, dividings) individually from the COMPUTER partition table (the pieces in BSD terms).

  • The bootloader. This can be a trouble, due to the fact that bootloaders run under really limited code dimension restraints, and also every attribute is an included worry. Once the bootloader specifies where it gets to the BSD partition information, you've won. Grub can boot a number of BSDs, yet not all variations of Grub can boot all variations of *BSD.

  • The installer. Below there is no substantial dimension restraint, yet sustaining sensible dividings does include in the intricacy. Still, also if the installer automation does not sustain it, you could get someplace by releasing the appropriate covering commands at the correct time.

Considering details versions:

2019-05-17 17:42:10