How does the quantity control work with my iPod touch?

OK, I'm mosting likely to seem like a bonehead for asking this, yet ...

How is the quantity control work with an iPod Touch (iOS 4)? I constantly appear to stun myself when I uncover that the quantity is up when I think it is down, or the other way around.

I've possessed (pre - iOS) iPod, and also they were very easy : there is one quantity setup. For the iPod Touch, having an audio speaker, running "OS X", and also making use of the Mac OS X semi - clear grey quantity symbol overlay, I figured it would certainly be similar to my Mac. That is, 2 different quantity settings, one for the audio speaker and also one for the earphones, and also it makes use of the proper one relying on whether there is something connected in.

Eventually, I located that it does not function in this manner. I can not identify fairly just how it functions, however. One idea was that possibly the quantity control is per - application, yet that does not appear to constantly hold true, either. Or is it per - application and also per - headphones/speaker?

An additional facet that perplexes me : when establishing the quantity, occasionally I get the Mac - design grey symbol overlay, and also occasionally it makes use of a rounded slider in the application itself. It does not appear to be simply the application : occasionally the YouTube application reveals the grey overlay, also when its very own slider shows up! Is this aesthetic difference intended to be valuable to me? It feels like it could be, yet I have not identified the pattern yet.

Can any person clarify to me just how this is intended to function? Or exists any kind of main documents on just how the quantity regulates job?

I'm so overwhelmed ...

EDIT : Example : I most likely to Flashcards, set the quantity to 0%. Most likely to residence screen, set quantity = 50% (up from 25%). Most likely to Youtube, set quantity = 25%. Start playing a video clip, it reveals quantity = 0% currently (why?), so I transform it approximately 25%. Exit, return to Flashcards, quantity below is currently 25% (why?). (This is all without earphones connected in - - I would certainly such as to recognize the straightforward instance prior to I also attempt to identify just how headphone quantity functions!)

It is clearly not merely a per - application setup : I've never ever set the quantity in Flashcards to be anything apart from 0%, yet it maintains obtaining showed up, in this instance to the quantity I embed in Youtube. Yet the Youtube quantity isn't an international setup, either, given that I set the quantity on the residence screen, and also Youtube revealed me 2 various quantity settings (relying on whether a video clip was playing), and also neither of them made use of that setup.

My next concept was that there is a "common application quantity" establishing that was made use of by Flashcards and also Youtube - yet - just - when - not - playing - video clip (yet not by the residence screen, which is foolish, given that the residence screen does not have any kind of audio). So I attempted establishing the quantity in Youtube - not - playing - video clip and also returning to Flashcards ... no way, here the Flashcards quantity remains the very same.

My most recent concept is that Youtube - not - playing - video clip can set the common - application - quantity, and also Youtube - having fun - video clip will certainly read the common - application - quantity, and also Flashcards will certainly both set and also read this quantity. (And Youtube itself has 2 quantity settings, neither of which coincides as the one I set on the residence screen, so I constantly need to simply set the Youtube quantity two times. And also double this if I determine to connect in earphones.)

This is the most basic concept I've located to clarify a lot of what I'm seeing, yet it appears entirely ridiculous. If any person has a means to clarify this that does not entail epicycles, I would certainly enjoy to hear it.

2019-05-13 05:07:36
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You're practically right. There are 2 settings, one for the audio speaker, one for the earphones. Both quantities are independent ; if you have quantity short on audio speaker and also connect an earphone, you're going to get the earphone quantity, which's what you're mosting likely to readjust till you disconnect it.

Currently, applications can modify the tool's quantity, yet they can additionally have their very own independent quantity degree. As an example a video game could have a quantity setup and also if you place all of it the means down, the ipod's quantity (alarm systems, songs, etc) is not modified. Regarding I can bear in mind (need to examine the most up to date iOS SDK) that is feasible.

Applications can certainly mute themselves without modifying the tool's settings.

2019-05-17 18:44:26