What percent of NPC goals are non - fight?

I'm a rather new gamer, therefore much I've done the standard tutorial, the sector tutorial goals, and also several of the expedition tutorial goals. Clearly I've concentrated on the non - fight side of the video game, consisting of abilities.

Nonetheless, when I experienced numerous neighboring systems, I had not been able to locate a solitary goal that really did not entail fight with pirates. I anticipated to locate some 'construct point X' or 'supply point Y', like in the guide goals.

Should I simply start getting ready a fight ship, or exist great deals of these crafting/delivery/etc goals around and also I'm simply unfortunate or searching in the incorrect areas?

2019-05-13 05:08:19
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It relies on which NPCs you talk with. Some NPCs (" Command" NPCs) primarily offer fight goals, some offer primarily extracting goals.


That web page has a table (Corporation Division vs. Mission Types) which has the chances of each goal type based upon NPC type.

If you do not desire any kind of fight goals, attempt "R&D" NPCs, they have 0% fight goals.

2019-05-17 17:56:05