MULEs vs Scanner Sweeps, ideal usage for Command Center power?

Clearly if I am supply obstructed and also in a pinch I would certainly make use of the supply add - on yet unless I mess up and also come to be supply obstructed I usually will not so I'll concentrate this inquiry on MULE vs Scanner Sweep.

I saw that most individuals often tend to claim it is everything about the MULE, nonetheless I often tend to have a great deal of success simply conserving up the power for looking as I've located that intel is EVERYTHING. An additional wonderful feature of the scanner move is for looking prior to you jump when relocating a military. To me it is simply been far better to conserve the power for the scanning unless claim I get bugged and also shed some employees so I toss down a MULE to make up.


2019-05-13 05:08:44
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This will certainly rely on your play design.

If you are really hostile, you'll possibly require a great deal of sources promptly to get a tiny benefit in order to overwhelm your challenger.

If you are playing defensive, you will certainly need to know what you are challenger depends on, so you can readjust your approach furthermore, because instance it is possibly much better to precursor.

Nonetheless, there is not an actual apparent solution, given that it relies on:

  • the setup (1v1, 2v2 or even more?),
  • the map (do you recognize where your challenger is?) and also
  • your challengers play design (is he bugging you or playing protective himself?)

So you'll still need to determine on your own what to make use of when, relying on the scenario handy

2019-05-17 18:50:46

It relies on challenger is race, approach, state of video game and also your choices.

I directly look with a solitary SCV and also usage MULE greatly at first. If I see challenger could make use of masked devices or burrow (prior to I'm able to construct Raven), I conserve up power for move. After that I'm generally currently using up, so I have 2 command facilities to make use of. Yet my approach is fairly offending. You could really feel extra comfy turtling and also making use of move to see what is taking place in the combat zone etc

So as the verdict, there is constantly make use of for Sweep, MULE and also Supplies. It simply relies on fairly several variables.

2019-05-17 18:50:07

I generally adhere to MULEs at first till i have a 2nd command facility. After that i button to scans from my major base and also utilize my keystone for the MULEs. For every single more development i switch over the existing bases to check and also the new bases once more to MULEs.

This certainly adjustments if the adversary makes use of masked devices, after that i adhere to scans till i have a couple of ravens that can track the masked devices.

Despite having a Scan base up i occasionally make use of MULEs for emergency situation frontline fixings (i.e. if i have some greatly broken containers or vikings).

2019-05-17 18:49:36

Everyone creates their very own design, so you can not specifically claim what is the "far better" usage. It relies on just how you utilize them.

As an example, TLO, a high quality specialist gamer, makes use of supply add - ons rather usually, also when not provide obstructed, to get the added 100 brief - term minerals to venture out a strike simply a couple of secs previously.

So simply make use of what benefit you, yet take notice of when you play and also see replays from when you shed, and also if you see that possibly you made use of an added check that really did not aid you find out anything, or if an added MULE would certainly offer you simply sufficient minerals to transform the trend of fight, attempt to bear in mind those minutes for future video games.

2019-05-17 18:48:23

I'm mosting likely to go down some data and also reason from them:

  • Barracks - > 150 Minerals
  • Minerals Harvested by a MULE over its life time - > 240 - 270
  • Cost of a Supply Depot - > 100 Minerals

Ignoring the reality that a Scan additionally give discovery vs unseen devices, the Orbital Command primarily has 3 feasible usages. I can utilize it to Scout ; I can utilize it to construct products ; I can utilize it to Harvest. You'll see that it is that collecting that often tends to give one of the most products. Actually, also when we take the construct time of a Barracks right into account (60 secs) and also think the SCV would certainly have had the ability to get minerals throughout its construct time (which is not real in a saturation scenario), it is still even more inexpensive to construct a Barracks and also fly it over than to throw away a MULE on a check.

Currently I'm not supporting never ever scanning ; the capacity to identify unseen devices warrants maintaining added power accessible for this objective ; yet you need to take into consideration the effects of not making use of a MULE. Due to the fact that MULEs can collect from spots while an SCV is collecting from them, your check is basically setting you back 240 Minerals.

2019-05-17 18:46:54

NEVER start a Terran push without having a Scanner Sweep all set. You can draw it off in a pinch, and also versus AI challengers this will certainly not cost you. Yet versus ruby organization gamers you'll loose half your military to line - of - view concerns.

Be it siege Tanks you can not target due to the fact that you do not see them, or a Sentry Forcefield that divides your military on the choke while stalkers select your Marauders off individually.

I generally select a typical 3 Racks construct order unless I'm resisting cheese, and also stop making use of MULEs right prior to the first push. If you do not have a scanner move all set already opportunities are you'll loose the video game to 1 - 2 Banshees, some Dark Templars or delved Zerg devices.

Specifically if your Zerg adversary recognizes his video game he'll attempt to conserve devices by delving, selecting them off with a scanner move is very useful source - sensible.

Simply to make clear : Scanner Sweeps are not to be made use of as a substitute for your precursor SCV. Constantly send SCVs to look the adversary and also attempt to bug Terran gamers while they are constructing their Barracks. So the first 3 - 4 moves are virtually critical to be made use of on MULEs to not fall back on minerals. Yet afterwards you require to maintain them all set and also hotkeyed to get them off in - battle.

2019-05-17 07:36:11