iPod Touch Updates

Since I've updated from an iPod timeless to a Touch, I've had a variety of times when I've synced with iTunes and also tracks have actually not been appropriately upgraded, that is, they have actually not been noted as played that day, also when they have actually been played (right via).

Better, I've downloaded and install some tracks from a training course on iTunesU, yet they do disappoint in the playlist on my iPod Touch (regardless of remaining in the playlist on iTunes).

I'm running iTunes 10.10.54 and also 4.1 of the firmware. Does any person recognize if either of these are well-known concerns, or has any person seasoned comparable concerns.

2019-05-13 05:08:52
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These need to actually be seperate inquiries - one for the iTuensU, one for the track playdate.

When it comes to iTunesU concern, when you connect the iPod in there is a tab for iTunesU - you might require to examine that the proper things are examined to sync.

2019-05-21 00:22:32

For iTunes U: Make certain it is obtaining synced, (as Samuel claimed). Additionally, if they are video clips, seek a Video Playlists area under Videos. That could allow you play them from that playlist.

The factor you might need to do this: Apple intends to permit you to see songs videos/iTunes U video clips without the video. This makes even more feeling for video: You get the track, and also they video. You can play the track without draining pipes the battery from the video.

2019-05-21 00:19:02

It is usually an excellent suggestion to run the most up to date variation of iphone unless you are a jailbreaker.

To look into iTunesU web content, enter into the iPod or Music application and also select "More" under appropriate - hand edge. iTunes U need to remain in that checklist.

(Why do individuals claim appropriate - hand, not ideal? It is not such as hands are any kind of various than various other points, instructions sensible. Oh well.)

2019-05-19 20:01:24

I have actually been asking the very same inquiry in various other discussion forums concerning resetting play matters when syncing.

Among the solid concepts is that it is an iTunes bug created when you recreate your collection in iTunes 10 from a previous iTunes 9 documents (which is what I did). However though there is no noticeable remedy yet.

I have actually attempted to address to trouble by mounting a fresh duplicate of iTunes 9 on a different COMPUTER and also importing my existing collection using the iTunes Music Library.xml documents.

However the method for recreating the collection by utilizing the XML does not appear in reverse suitable. Also if I change the Application Version at the start of XML documents it is not acknowledged by iTunes 9 and also is overwritten by a new, tidy iTunes Music Library.xml documents.

It feels like a bug I'll need to cope with till Apple deal with the trouble - I have actually sent a bug record using their iTunes internet site.

Below is the string from the apple.com discussion forums - http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2697318

*modify *

The most recent variation of iTunes (10.1.2) appears to have actually dealt with the play matter reset bug.

2019-05-19 10:40:05