iPhone application that reveals application use data?

I'm seeking an application that can inform me just how much time I invest in each mounted iPhone application. This would certainly serve for recognizing applications I actually need to delete, as well as additionally "lite" applications I actually need to acquire.

I recognize such programs existed for Palm tools. They merely considered the clock whenever the tool was activated & off and also whenever a program button took place (due to the fact that the OS gave very easy hooks for this), after that simply computed running times from these timestamps.

PS : I understand that such an application has to naturally remain in Cydia, due to the fact that non - jailbroken tools do not disclose such valuable details. - - > This reality can not be a factor to close this inquiry!

2019-05-13 05:11:46
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Cydia is App Stat does specifically what you've asked for. Regarding I can inform, it exists given that April 1st :

New Tweak in Cydia, App Stat, reveals you your application use data, frequecy of usage, use time and also current usage. Sustains IPhone, IPod Touch, IPad running IOS 3.2 or later on. Free on Cydia Search for it.

2019-12-03 04:52:12

I did some study and also I do not assume an application that does this is readily available, also on Cydia.

The only details pertaining to application use statistics that I've had the ability to locate is the details that programmers can obtain from their very own applications, as clarified in this question on StackOverflow

2019-05-17 17:51:06