Can iOS 4 connect instantly to a shut connect with a surprise SSID?

Trouble : (emphasizing the "instantly" in the inquiry title).

I add the surprise network by picking "various other" and also getting in the SSID. There is no protection now in order to streamline troubleshooting. When the iPod 4 rests, heads out of array or the wifi radio is switched off and afterwards on, the iPod will certainly not re - connect to the surprise SSID as soon as within array once more. Weird, considering I reset the network arrangements prior to establishing the 1 and also just network the iPod 'recognizes' along with having actually mounted an arrangement account on the iPod with the wi - fi setups for this surprise SSID. Absolutely nothing i attempt appears to get the iPod to connect instantly. The surprise SSID does show up in the checklist of networks when I enter into cordless setups, yet thats unsatisfactory - the iPod requires to connect to the surprise network with no customer treatment.

I need to state the router is a cisco aironet 1100 collection AP. The AP has 2 SSIDs : the surprise network and also a "Guest" network, and also it is relaying the Guest network. The Subnets are various, in instance any person was asking yourself. Additionally, No, i can not relay the surprise SSID ; I'm not aiming to transform the network setups.

The iPod is running iOS 4.1 (8B117) and also is a 4g version.

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2019-05-13 05:12:16
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Interesting circumstance, I do not think there's an existing very easy remedy to this trouble. Component of the trouble in addressing this certain concern, is that the iPod (and also its iOS) are rather shut settings where you can rarely change anything past what the UI supplies. If the tool is not reconnecting (regardless of knowing the network), there's no magic alternative to "turn" and also anticipate it to function ; specifically taking into consideration that you've mentioned that absolutely nothing on the networking side should/must be transformed. Also if transforming particular network parameters in the router were permitted by you, I do not remember anything that can aid you there. You could intend to attempt (for screening) disabling the "various other" network, or little points like that. Not due to the fact that you will always get to a remedy, yet at the very least you could locate the origin of the trouble or the reason and also either locate a workaround or mentally manage it. ;)

2019-05-18 07:37:23
  • Note - - I have not examined this or collaborated with a comparable arrangement *

It isn't clear from your summary - - does the iPod vehicle connect to the "Guest" network?

If it does, in the Wi - Fi setups I would certainly (in the WiFi setups) transform "Ask to Join Networks" off after that inform the equipment to neglect the "Guest" network, after that connect to the surprise network once more and afterwards rest the tool and also see if it reconnects to the surprise network.

Or - - Go to Settings after that General after that Reset and afterwards Reset Network Settings, after that power off and also power on the tool, after that reconnect to the surprise network.

Or - - you can additionally attempt Apple is apple iphone Configuration Utility, which permits you to set accounts for iOS tools. I have not tinkered this in all, yet some individuals have actually stated it as a solution.

2019-05-18 07:23:39

Okay, so this addressed the concern for me. Can ber entirely incorrect due to the fact that my solution isn't ipod/Iphone relevant, although the very same proplems defined over have actually taken place to my ipod.

* Please keep in mind : Precedure will certainly differ for various other routers. These guidelines specify to Netgear DGN2000 Wireless - N Router with Built - in DSL Modem.

Action 1. Utilizing your computer system, log right into your routers login/Manager web page. my default login address is * *

Step 2. Under arrangement (on the left hand side) click Wireless Settings.

Action 3. In the first area under "Wireless Network" there is a below - heading "Mode".

Select the wanted cordless setting. The alternatives are:

* g & b   - Both 802.11g and 802.11b wireless stations can be used.
* g only   - Only 802.11g wireless stations can be used.
* b only   - All 802.11b wireless stations can be used. 802.11g wireless stations can still be used if they can operate in 802.11b mode.
* Up to 130 Mbps   - Wireless stations that support up to 130 Mbps can be used, such as the WN511B. In this case, your router will transmit two streams with different data in the same channel at the same time.
* Up to 270 Mbps   - Wireless stations that support up to 270 Mbps can be used, such as the WN511B. Your router will run in channel expansion mode to achieve 270Mbps. This mode will support 40MHz or 20MHz bandwidth. The router will transmit data with expansion or no expansion frame by frame to avoid interference from other APs/clients data transmission. 

The default is "Up to 130 Mbps", which permits all 11b and also 11g cordless terminals. The NETGEAR WN511B goes for 126 Mbps or 270 Mbps when accessing this router.

Mine was set on "Up to 270 Mbps" setting. the iPod/iPhone is do not sustain this setting quite possibly.

The most effective selection i located was the "Up to 130 Mbps" setting. My iPod attached instantly and also has actually functioned flawlessly with my surprise network.

Tip 4 . Make certain to conserve and also use your setups.

If this aids any person, please blog post a reply. Fascinated to recognize if this is "one" remedy to what can be among several troubles on this subject, in fact benefits others.

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