How to backup information for Shazam application from iPhone 3GS

NOTE : I simply intend to backup just the information related to Shazam application, not the complete iPhone backup.

Apple lately exchanged my iPhone 3GS as a result of some concerns on the audio speaker, yet I am having concerns with 3G and also WiFi after the swap. When I go and also saw the Genius Bar, he recommended to recover the iPhone and also set it up as a New iPhone, and also not to recover using a backup duplicate of iPhone.

Yet the actual trouble is all the existing information is shed when I do this. So I intend to take a backup of Shazam application and also when I arrangement new iPhone, I can place this information back right into the application.

Just how can I do this?

2019-05-13 05:12:58
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I assume there is no other way to attain this without jailbreaking the tool.

I've simply examined the Apple programmer devices, yet they just permit you to get the web content of applications that you created on your own, not applications downloaded and install from the AppStore. And also despite having these you can just backup, yet not recover: - (

I'm rather certain it is feasible on a jailbroken phone, yet I have no experience because area, so I can not inform just how.

2019-05-17 22:22:34