How can I disable bells/visualbells in vim?

Just how can I disable bells/visualbells in vim?

I've attempted:

set noeb
set novb

. yet absolutely nothing has actually transformed afaik.

Simply to be clear, I'm describing the aesthetic bell I enter vim when I do something that does not do anything, for exmaple pushing ESC in regular setting, or pushing h know col 0.

2019-05-13 05:13:29
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To disable the bell completely, you require to

  • enable vim is inner aesthetic bell ¹, with set visualbell (= set vb) ;
  • set the result of the vim aesthetic bell to do absolutely nothing, with set t_vb=

(This is clarified in the documents of 'visualbell', yet not really plainly.)

¹ Even with novisualbell, you could see an aesthetic bell if vim sends out a bell control series (generally \a) and also the terminal is set up to blink as opposed to make an audio.

2019-05-17 19:22:30