How to recoup an iPod Classic that will not activate and also does not look like a drive?

A close friend of mine requested for aid with an iPod Classic that isn't functioning.

It is an 80GB iPod Classic, version A1238, that does not offer any kind of indicators of still living. It will not beep or light the screen, does not matters what I attempt.

I have actually attempted to reset it (transform the hold button on/off and afterwards hold the center and also food selection switch) yet it not did anything, therefore I could not place it in disk setting either.

Now I'm attempting to bill it from a power adapter, yet I do not anticipate it to aid. I had actually currently attempted to bill it from a COMPUTER, and also from a MacBook Pro.

Anything else I could attempt, prior to sending it to fix?

2019-05-13 05:14:21
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Assuming that you've attempted resetting while the iPod is attached to a source of power, there is actually very little else that can be done. The Apple Store, or an Authorized Apple Service Provider, is virtually your only alternative now.

Additionally, how much time has the iPod been doing this? If it underwent severe problems for a considerable quantity of time, or if it endured fluid damages, it might be damaged irreparable (or fixing might be set you back - too high, thinking it is no more under service warranty).

2019-05-17 23:09:25

Here is something that benefited me:

  1. Put the iPod right into a ziploc bag and also seal it snugly .
  2. Place it in the fridge freezer over night.
  3. Take it out in the early morning.

I assumed that it was simply an urban legend, yet as the iPod was evidently dead, why not attempt it? I was (happily!) surprised to see it start up once more the next early morning.

2019-05-17 23:08:21