Is there a means to number checklist things backwards order in Pages '09?

I intend to create a gotten checklist in Pages '09 with lowering numbers, like:

4. Most Recent Item, 2010.
3. Another Item, 2009.
2. An Old Item, 2008.
1. Oldest Item, 2007.

But it resembles there is no alternative to do this, yet prefix things with numbers by hand myself.

Does any person recognize just how to do this instantly with Pages '09?

2019-05-13 05:14:31
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Answers: 1

Nope, you can just inform Pages to start at a number, and also it will certainly add+1 to that number. Pages '09 does not have the alternative to execute a reverse phoned number checklist.

Nonetheless, a "workaround" exists by utilizing an old-fashioned table.

  1. Click the table symbol on the toolbar to create a table.
  2. Resize the table to your recommended dimension (Inspector > Table > Table : for far better control on the cell's dimension).
  3. You will certainly require 2 columns, the first column will certainly be for the "numbers" and also the 2nd one will certainly be the thing itself.
  4. Type the highest possible number in the 1st column/first row and also the next number in the first column, 2nd row. (see photo)
  5. Drag the little white dot downwards and also the series will certainly be instantly finished.
  6. Change the table buildings in the assessor to remove the boundaries.
  7. Calmly smile due to the fact that no one will certainly recognize this is a table you can make bad audios also.

If you require even more rows later on, you can add them, change the first 2 things in the "series" and also re - drag to restore the new series, for the very same rate.

Additional Info

This "automcomplete the secuence" magic additionally benefits various other datatypes, as an example : Letters (attempt a, b, drag).

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