Interaction in between high ground, discovery, and also "vision"

After obtaining wiped out numerous times in a row last evening, I thought of a rather heavy inquiry.

Allow is claim I have a spore spider in my base. If a covert device comes within series of the spider, it is disclosed, and also my hydralisks can eliminate the ghost. That is very easy.

Currently allow is claim my breeding ground gets on reduced ground, and also there is high ground right near it. I construct a spore spider right at the base of the high ground. If a ghost mindful that high ground, masked or otherwise, i can not see him due to the fact that I do not have vision of the high ground. Still rather very easy.

Currently I relocate an emperor (not movie director) over to where the ghost is. Currently I can see the ghost if it is uncloaked. If there was a hydralisk at the end of the high cliff, it can strike the ghost due to the fact that the emperor is vision permits the hydra to target the ghost.

Currently for the complicated component. What happens if the ghost is masked? Does the emperor is vision permit the spore spider is discovery capacity to "target" the ghost and also disclose it, similarly the hydra could target it in the previous circumstance? Or would certainly I require to construct a spore spider on the high ground?

(I recognize I can additionally change a movie director, yet that is not pertinent to this inquiry, which is concentrated on the specific technicians of discovery and also just how it connects with vision of high ground.)

2019-05-13 05:16:40
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Yes, the discovery will certainly function.

2019-05-17 18:03:59


Below is the image evidence:

2019-05-17 17:59:48

I would certainly need to check to ensure, yet below is what I think to be the instance.

Below is just how vision operates in Starcraft 2 : All devices share vision. What one sees any kind of can see.

Below is just how discovery operates in Starcraft 2 : All devices with in discovery distance from a detector and also within vision are identified.

Hence your Spore Crawler gives discovery distance and also your movie director gives vision, hence a Hydralisk (or any kind of various other device that would generally can striking the ghost) can.

2019-05-17 17:53:55