Does a restricted door stop burglars?

I presently have actually a set - up in my citadel entailing a tiny entry loaded with catches and also a profession depot attached to a moat with a drawbridge. I have a different entry to the depot from within my citadel, to make sure that I can replenish while the bridge is up.

The different entry has one void in which I have actually positioned a door. Currently I'm asking yourself, if I restrict that door, will this stop burglars?

Furthermore, I would certainly additionally such as to recognize if I link this door approximately a bar to make sure that is it open when the drawbridge is up, can burglars open a device - shut door?

2019-05-13 05:18:19
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According to the wiki, "Most animals will certainly be dropped in any kind of door or hatch, though a few other can wreck them ... You can restrict doors to maintain (most) aggressive humanoids and also animals out, and also your dwarves in."

Doors need to stop average spirit burglars and also the majority of "average" animals, like mandrills. Animals that can damage down a door are mosting likely to be extra curious about wrecking than swiping.

EDIT : The comment is proper. This write-up makes clear that spirit snatchers can, actually, bypass secured doors, yet not floodgates, or anything comparable that is safeguarded with devices and also bar. Pet burglars are dropped in secured doors.

2019-05-17 17:58:04