wubi benefits and drawbacks

Do you have experience making use of Wubi and also if so, what are the significant benefits and drawbacks? I am certainly specifically curious about possible troubles.

2019-05-13 05:18:36
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  • If a computer system requires to have actually Linux mounted momentarily, Wubi is less complicated to remove without leaving noticeable traces. Without Wubi, you require to re - increase the size of the Windows dividing and also recover the Windows bootloader. With Wubi, you simply make use of the provided uninstaller. You can also momentarily hide the Ubuntu access from the Windows bootloader.

  • For a person that intends to experiment with Linux yet hesitates of damaging Windows, Wubi is much less terrifying.


  • Suppose a customer has a computer system with Wubi, has actually updated something yet isn't certain what, is hundreds of kilometers away, and also phones you due to the fact that his computer system will not surpass the bootloader phase. What next? There are much less sources concerning repairing Wubi than with typical Grub - based dual boot.

  • In a similar way, if you require to repairing or rescue the system with a real-time CD, Wubi lowers your alternatives.

  • Raising the dimension of the Wubi dividing photo had not been sustained last time I looked.

  • Wubi generates a tiny efficiency loss. (But if you are also taking into consideration Wubi, you possibly uncommitted.)

  • If Windows mess up its filesystem, you shed Linux too. (Though I get the sensation NTFS is trusted nowadays.)

My suggestions

Only make use of Wubi if you have an engaging factor.

If you are new to Linux and also aren't certain you intend to maintain it, you can proceed and also make use of Wubi. Yet consider this a short-lived installment, do not spend right into it. If you locate you intend to start tailoring points, or if you face any kind of technological trouble, toss the Wubi installment away and also begin again a correct dividing. It will not damage your Windows dividing (actually, it will certainly influence your Windows installment also much less than Wubi).

If you have a details camouflage need for political factors (" we do not desire no stinkin' Linux on our network"), Wubi is sensible, yet not always problem - free.

Keep in mind that for reluctant or very discreet installments, a choice in some usage instances is to run Linux in a digital equipment : either coLinux (a virtualized Linux working on Windows), as an example with andLinux (Ubuntu on coLinux) ; or an extra basic VM modern technology such as VirtualBox or VMWare.

2019-05-17 17:58:16