Win2k3 : What documents can be removed from the System drive, and also what device to delete them?

The critical inquiry is "How do I make best use of vacuum on the System drive," and also consists of such points as disk compression, transforming the TEMP setting variable, getting rid of the hibernation documents, decreasing the swap documents, acquiring a bigger drive, etc This is the tactical inquiry concerning what documents can be gotten rid of securely, and also whether to remove them with a documents system command or by transforming a retention - setup someplace.

As an example, C :/ WINDOWS/Installer on of my equipments is 1.5 G, and also the latest documents in there are fifty days old. Complete vacuum on that particular C : drive is 3G. Is the correct strategy to melt them to optical disc simply - in - instance, after that delete them from the command line, or exists some Registry setup that will allow Win2k3 do something more innovative? Or is that 1.5 G of priceless, priceless prize?

Modify : The concern is specifically intense for digital equipments, where there will certainly be system photos in numerous arrangements. An 8G disk is (originally) nicely enough to run Win2K3, Visual Studio, SQL Server, and also the application being created, yet with time cruft from old spots eats adequate sources to stop new spots from being used.

2019-05-13 05:22:48
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Please do not remove the materials of %SYSTEMROOT% \ Installer. If you do that, after that in the most effective instance you'll be incapable to uninstall and/or fix any kind of program mounted from a Windows Installer data source, and also in the most awful instance all Windows Installer - serviced programs that have actually marketed autorepair capacity will certainly quit working (or at the very least frustrate you every various other min with "Windows Installer is setting up program blahblah" dialog boxes while putting on hold program implementation.)

There is no secure computerized means to clena up a drive. As soon as you delete the noticeable (% TEMP%, %SYSTEMROOT% \ Temp, %SYSTEMROOT% \ SoftwareDistribution \ Download) all that is left is uninstalling extra things and also pressing hardly ever made use of things.

You could additionally intend to delete the (surprise+system) folders under %SYSTEMROOT% that hold the hotfix/ Windows Update spot uninstall back-ups, unless you intend to uninstall windows hotfixes.

2019-05-17 19:16:14

My knee - jerk solution would certainly be - - in your instance, at the very least - - to acquire a bigger hard drive. Disk drives are economical and also the devices exist to conveniently move your system/data to a bigger hard drive.

Having claimed that, removing "unnecessary" documents is usually an issue of system performance/maintenance concerns. Unless you recognize specifically what you are doing, I would certainly advise making use of a 3rd - event device to "tidy" your harddrive (something of the ilk of, claim, CCleaner). And also constantly maintain excellent back-ups for those times you screw points up.


Robert C. Cartaino

2019-05-17 19:15:20

YMMV. When I actually require to make area, I'll most likely to C: \ WINDOWS and also delete all directory sites that are several months old called like:


I figure if a hotfix has actually been mounted for months, and also I have actually mounted sufficient succeeding hotfixes, after that I differ to ever before intend to (or perhaps have the ability to) uninstall the hotfix concerned.

The threat from doing this is that you are assured to not have the ability to uninstall the hotfix concerned after eliminating this directory site. Nonetheless, if a hotfix creates a trouble, you need to generally recognize rather promptly. I have until now never ever come across a person uncovering months after the reality that a Microsoft hotfix created a large trouble.

With the dimension of modern-day disk drives, thinking we are speaking about a modern-day computer system, I would not bother with little things like a Gig or 2 total amount. Not unless you have a superb demand to make room prior to changing the entire disk drive with a much larger one. If you are so limited on room that liberating one Gig will certainly make a large distinction, after that you are just postponing the unpreventable by doing so.

To liberate room, appropriate click My Computer and also select "Properties" Go to the System Restore tab. Select a drive and afterwards click "Settings ..." You can tune down the percent of the disk that System Restore will certainly make use of.

You do not require to have a web page documents on every disk. In the very same "Properties" window of "My Computer," most likely to Advanced and also click "Settings" in the "Performance" box. After that in the pop - up, most likely to the "Advanced" tab. All-time low box is "Virtual Memory" ... click "Change." You can regulate where you have paging documents and also their dimension. I commonly just have a paging documents on one dividing.

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