WSE1608 mistake

We are reciving this message:

WASE1608: No XOP components were situated in the stream for the defined web content - id:

This takes place on one equipment in the workplace when an application is attempting to connect to a webservice. The web server is a windows 2003 iis 6 webservice and also the customer is an xp system.

2019-05-13 05:25:41
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Answers: 2

This is the leading degree mistake message that WSE 3 will certainly offer when it is returning a SOAP mistake mistake message. Our supplier needed to debug the webservice website traffic and also a crash dump to get the complete mistake message which in our instance was a time syncronization concern and also indeed this customers system clock was 3 days behind the web server.

2019-05-18 00:40:29

Is the issue originating from a.NET customer that is attaching to an Apache Axis2 1.3 web server? In this instance, there seems a bug in Apache Axis2 1.3. You might intend to attempt - - for experiment, updating to Axis2 1.4 or devaluing to Axis2 1.2.

From what I've located on the net, you might additionally intend to attempt changing the Axiom JARs in your Apache Axis installment with the most up to date JARs to see if this aids settle the trouble.

2019-05-17 19:24:56