How to set up Nagios signals for Exchange Mail Stores

Does any person recognize just how to set up Nagios to check MS Exchange mail shops ?

We have actually had mailstores unmount (as a result of diskspace, and also various other reasons), and also would love to check their state (placed or otherwise) using nagios.

We make use of pNSClient.exe on our windows web servers, which can check procedures and also solutions - yet evidently Exchange merely makes use of one procedure (store.exe) for all mail shops - therefore monitoring store.exe will certainly not be handy.

2019-05-13 05:26:20
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This could be my out of favor point of view yet, monitoring fire - dealing with - design feels like a great deal of job ... (yet better than not monitoring in all). Make use of a monitoring device that has actually constructed - in knowledge from the programmers for Exchange or whatever solution requires monitoring which can uncover troubles you can not specify.

The one in the inquiry is more than likely 1 metric of numerous thousand vital metrics when effectively monitoring an Exchange web server ... additionally, lacking disk room feels like one of the most standard things any kind of monitoring collection need to advise concerning - today I'm being unusally aggravating ^ ^

2019-06-01 00:51:34

As you mentioned, due to the fact that Exchange makes use of the store.exe procedure for all mail box data sources, it is not feasible to check specific mail box data source in this way. There might be means to do so by chatting directley to Exchange, yet I do not recognize of any kind of procedure for Nagios that can do that.

The store.exe procedure is the Exchange Information Store solution, this can be checked by Nagios. If the mail box data sources gets down as a result of diskspace concerns, and also several various other concerns it is likely this web server will certainly have quit too. Monitoring this need to offer you an excellent sign of mail box concerns

This article is a superb tutorial on establishing monitoring for Exchange solutions and also consists of a great deal of details on the various points you can examine to check your Exchange web servers wellness.

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Windows Performance Counters does have a counter for the Exchange store, the MSExchangeIS Mailbox, counter so this might additionally have the ability to be made use of.

2019-05-17 18:29:40

I have actually located a means to examine the amount of energetic links there are to a certain mailstore making use of the check_nt - v COUNTER check as adheres to:

check_nt -H $HOSTNAME$ -p $PORT$ -v COUNTER -l "\\MSExchangeIS Mailbox($ARG1$)\\Active Client Logons","$ARG1$ Sessions: %.f" -w0 -c0

I am thinking that there will certainly go to the very least 1 Active Client Login from a system procedure as long as the mailstore is placed, yet that it will certainly go down to 0 if it is unmounted.

I will certainly examine this later on, and also allow you recognize.


Active Client Logins went down to 0 over night for several of the mailstores, so this is not the remedy - nonetheless, I currently ask yourself whether Client Logins will certainly function as defined.

Examining once more ...


Using Client Logins does specifically what I desire.

2019-05-17 06:46:29