Cisco vs Everything else

A massive discussion surged when we were establishing a new phone system. The individuals doing the install did not rely on paying high rates for Cisco equipment when they can do the very same points with lower valued choices. From what I have actually seen Cisco is unfailing and also lower valued equipment usually appears to wear out earlier.

Just how do you recognize when it is far better to invest the cash on Cisco tools?

2019-05-13 05:27:30
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It is everything about spending plan - and also regarded 'company convenience'

We've been making use of Asterisk that we mounted out - of - the - box from an ISO that 'simply functions' - and also has actually been benefiting 3 years. We've mounted it on a lower - of - the - array HP web server (yet new and also Xeon class) and also make use of a mix of Cisco 7960/ 40+Linksys SPA942 phones. All excellent, all jobs, regularly. I would certainly advise it.

Oh yes, and also we have a committed ADSL line and also Cisco router JUST for the phone switch/HP web server - which suggests we do not get any kind of cut.


2019-12-03 03:44:53

It relies on what you are doing, if it is intricate transmitting there is 4 firms around (for me) Cisco, Juniper, Foundry and also Force10.

For switches over the very same firms, plus Extreme Networks and also 3com.

For voice, if you've obtained the technology to do it, absolutely nothing resembles Asterisk, and also simply select whoever is phones are much better for you, from Snom, Linksys, Cisco, Polycom, etc (or a mix)

For wifi there is others.


Generally if you have excellent team taking the action over the D - Link/ netgear/ linksys/ whatever equipment deserves it.

Additionally bear in mind that a lot of the "top shelf" Cisco rivals are less costly and also usually have a far better item. Directly I locate Juniper equipment much much better at the very same pricepoint, yet it is actually focused on the ISP market.

If you are a HP store I recognize numerous followers of the HP switches over, yet additionally numerous haters.

2019-12-03 03:38:52

The Cisco is additionally extra intricate and also calls for extra educated individuals to maintain it up and also running. I was associated with a Cisco VoIP release at once. It functioned well, had some small concerns with resemble (as the majority of VoIP does). There were a pair includes we desired that it really did not sustain yet (we did this really beforehand after they launched the item), yet we were coping with it, recognizing that at some point they would certainly add what we required.

However, we endured a failing of the web server (Cisco tag, yet basically a re - badged HPaq with software program pre - load. The team people (myself having alongside no Cisco experience, a pair CCNA/CCNP and also a "virtually a CCIE") never ever can get things to function right once more. Split it out, and also acquired a less costly system that we can arrangement and also keep a lot easier.

2019-05-17 19:28:47

It is a straightforward profession - off of price vs. threat. If you think (or have unscientific proof or testimonials) that Cisco equipment would certainly be unfailing, after that it could be worth investing the money. Phone systems can be rather main to an organisation' procedure.

For some firms, conserving (as an example) $100,000 on a phone system is peanuts contrasted to the price of 20 mins of downtime if the phone system falls short. On the various other hand, for some firms, conserving also a little loan much surpass the possibility of small troubles taking place in the future. It is a price - advantages evaluation just you can do.

2019-05-17 19:27:56

The significant trouble with Cisco and also various other exclusive phone systems is that you need to have the ability to spend for assistance. If your firm remains in the behavior of not paying promptly and also has constant investing ices up, you could be in problem if the system drops and also you are not existing on your upkeep contract settlements.

I've had respectable success with trixbox and also Polycom phones. If I intended to add an additional phone, I really did not need to bother with acquiring an additional certificate from Cisco. You need to recognize what you are doing however. I constructed a box with a T1 card that hooked right into an ADTRAN ATLAS 550 that transmitted the DID numbers on our PRI in between our old phone system, the trixbox, and also our fax web server. This supplied wonderful adaptability with our arrangement and also price a lot less than selecting a Cisco arrangement.

2019-05-17 19:22:44