Differences in between Snow Leopard Server and also Desktop?

I have a close friend that is intending to get a Mac Mini to do iPad development. He claims the web server variation is less costly than the desktop computer variation. I've just ever before made use of the desktop computer variation. Exists any kind of factor not to get the web server variation? What are the major distinctions in between Server and also Desktop?

2019-05-13 05:27:59
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First off he is incorrect on all degrees.

The Desktop Version is $29, the Server Version is $500.
A typical Mac Mini is $700 base. Mac Mini Server is $1000 base.

Second, the circulations are virtually the same. The distinction is that the Server Version ships the web server applications, devices, and also procedures. Postfix, Dovecot, Jabberd2, OpenLDAP, the totality of the/ Applications/Server directory site, and also several of things in/ Applications/Utilites like XSan monitoring and also the RAID Utility.

If he is aiming to do development for iOS, obtaining the web server variation makes no feeling. If he is aiming to do development for Web Services, it is still less complicated and also less costly to run it on the Desktop variation.

If he is aiming to run a web server, trivially, for post, conversation and also calendaring solutions, MORE than simply internet solutions (internet solutions are trivially very easy on the Desktop Version), after that he needs to get a MacMini Server.

Make use of a Server for a Server for the attributes it gives, or else, make use of a typical variation.

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We have 2 variations of XServes, and also 2 Mac Mini Servers (timeless design body), I would certainly rejoice to address any kind of added inquiries you or your close friend has.

2019-05-17 18:18:16