Why do I see orbital commands in the majority of reaping machine thrill constructs?

It is not a requirement, right? Or is the orbital command itself component of several Terran constructs?

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2019-05-13 05:28:07
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No, an Orbital Command is not a requirement for Reapers (or any kind of various other device). It is a valuable add as it gives fast minerals, scans, or depots if you are short on free SCVs.

In the builds you connected, the author is making use of the Orbital Command ahead back from his very early financial sacrifice to venture out that very early reaping machine. As a person states in the conversation area this is in fact inadequately offered in the construct (as well as greatly imprecise).

Absolutely nothing calls for the Orbital Command become part of a Reaper thrill, yet with such a "tacky" construct it is greatly depending on good luck, which the writer might credit to the OC.

2019-05-17 19:01:15

It is not a requirement for reaping machines. It becomes part of the majority of terran construct orders, obtaining it on 15 supply is most usual. As tzenes stated, it has 3 capacities. A mule calldown, which collects minerals at 3x the price of an SCV and also can share a mineral spot with an scv, a scanner move that discloses the location under it (consisting of stealth devices), and also an invoke of added products on a supply depot.

The burro is the major factor it becomes part of virtually every terran construct. The upgrade to orbital prices 150. Burros collect at 3x the price of SCVs. An orbital beginnings with adequate power for a burro and also generates adequate power to continually have one mule mining. Burros do not take pop cap and also the upgrade finishes in much less time than 2 SCVs, not to mention 3. Primarily this all amounts to updating to an orbital generally being a far better financial financial investment than the 3 SCVs.

They in addition function well with reaping machine constructs as reaping machines are gas hefty devices and also occupy your barracks manufacturing time, hence leaving you with added minerals that you could too invest in boosting your economic situation so you can have a followup to the reaping machine thrill.

2019-05-17 18:59:37