Under Ubuntu, just how do I set a fixed IP for firewire?

I am making use of Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop computer, which attaches to our network wirelessly. Given that it remains on my workdesk alongside my desktop computer, I have an exclusive network in between both making use of a firewire wire, due to the fact that synergy and also documents duplicates are far more plesant over firewire than wifi.

I intend to set a fixed IP for the firewire tool on boot so I do not need to maintain making use of ifconfig each time. Nonetheless the tool does not show up in Gnome is NetworkManager. Just how can I set a fixed IP for the firewire tool? Incurable commands are great, as long as NetworkManager will not blow the config away.

2019-05-13 05:30:55
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On Debian and also Ubuntu, the area to set up networking without Network Manager is /etc/network/interfaces. Something similar to this needs to function (you might require to transform the user interface number):

auto eth2
iface eth2 inet static
    pre-up modprobe eth1394

Run ifup eth2 and also ifup eth2 to bring the user interface up or down. The auto declaration creates the user interface to be raised as component of the boot procedure. Network Manager will not touch a user interface stated in /etc/network/interfaces.

Zeroconf is usually wonderful for Firewire web links : if you run it at both ends, it instantly negociates addresses and also transmitting. Nonetheless it is no aid if you desire an even more took care of network (as an example to offer your laptop computer a name, bring it inside an informal firewall program, ).

2019-05-17 18:30:46