Can a couple of staff members share the very same inbox in Gmail?

I am manager for a store. We have a couple of staff members yet we make use of one e-mail address for consumers, [email protected]

It would certainly behave to arrange this somehow to make sure that the staff members can have their very own e-mail accounts, yet still address on e-mails that is obtained on the stores usual e-mail.

Just how to arrange this in Gmail for Google Apps (the firm version of Gmail)? Any kind of suggestions?

2019-05-13 05:31:26
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You can make store a team that is composed of any kind of set of various other email addresses. I have this arrangement in specifically in this manner for my call email address.

Google documentation

2019-05-17 19:12:06

Using email team is one alternative yet if you intend to have the ability to Send As you could require a common mail box. I'm not entirely certain yet I do not assume you can set up Send As from a team.

If you are making use of Premier version, you can create a common mail box and afterwards offer each customer accessibility to that account. They will certainly have the ability to after that open that mail box from their existing mail box using a dropdown that shows up alongside their email address. Because mail box they can read and also feedback from that mail box.

You can additionally set up a new mail box and also onward messages either to a team or each customer with filters. After that you would certainly require to set up Send As on each customers mail box.

Great deals of alternatives.

2019-05-17 19:11:21

I assume what you need to do to acieve this is to have each of your team connect right into the very same Gmail account using IMAP. In this way they will certainly all have the ability to see what reads and also what have actually been responded to.

2019-05-17 19:04:44