Having problem re-installing Grub from real-time CD

I have a 64 - little bit Sabayon Linux and also Mac OS X dual boot. After making use of gparted to resize my dividings, I can no more boot Sabayon. I've attempted chrooting and also dealing with grub from numerous real-time CDs, yet they have all claimed "command not located" concerning either grub or chroot. Knoppix came close yet after that claimed it could not recover grub due to the fact that it is 32 little bits, as opposed to 64 like my Sabayon installment. Tips?

2019-05-13 05:34:29
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Try archlinux real-time discs, they undoubtedly have chroot working (fixed my systems numerous times with them).

Locate the ISOs here

I reccomend "twin", as they have 32 and also 64 little bit variations of archlinux.

2019-05-17 18:41:37