How do you import CA certificates onto an Android phone?

I intend to connect to my University is cordless utilizing my Nexus One. When I most likely to "Add Wi - Fi network" in Wireless Settings I complete the Network SSID and also select 802.1 x Enterprise for the protection and also load every little thing out.

The trouble is that our college is cordless usages Thawte Premium Server CA certification for qualification.

When I click the fall checklist for CA certification I get absolutely nothing in the checklist (simply N/A)

Now I have the certification (Thawte Premium Server CA.pem) and also have actually relocate to my SD card, yet it does not resemble Android instantly identifies it.

Where need to I place the certification to make sure that the Android cordless supervisor identifies it. To put it simply, just how can I import a CA certification to make sure that Android identifies that it gets on the phone and also presents it in the CA Certificate fall checklist.

Many thanks for any kind of aid,


P.S. My phone is not rooted

EDIT : After doing some study it resembles you have the ability to install certificates by mosting likely to your phone is setups > Location & Security > Install from SD card

Unfortunately it resembles the only approved documents expansion is.p12. It does not look like there is a means to import.cer or.pem documents (which are the only 2 documents that featured the Thawte certificates) presently.

It does resemble you can make use of a converter to transform your.cer or.pem documents to.p12, nonetheless a key documents is required.

I do not recognize where to get this key apply for the Thawte certificates.

2019-05-13 05:35:14
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First : Android just recognizes binary layout of CA and also just with documents layout *. crt.
Second : Android just recognizes customer certificates in *. p12 documents layout.

So You can examine whether your CA documents binary or message really straightforward : open it with any kind of full-screen editor ^

If there something like 0‚ i0‚ Т, after that it is binary.

If you see something like

Certificate : Data : Version : 3 (0x2) Serial Number : 96 :0e :45 :58 :68 :9a :bf :00 Signature Algorithm : sha1WithRSAEncryption Issuer : C = UA, ST =

Then it is message. It is really straightforward to transform it to binary on your own in *nix :

openssl x509 -inform PEM -outform DER -in CA.pem -out CA.crt

Or simply ask your system manager.

Replicate both CA.crt and also usercert.p12 to your SD card or send it by e-mail (if you have an e-mail customer set up on Android, generally downloaded and install add-ons are saved in Download folder, in fact it does not issue).

Most likely to Security and also locate alternative something similar to this : install certification from your SD card

First install CA.crt, after that usercert.p12

Go to wifi and also make new link, pick 802.1 x EAP whatever and also select your certificates for CA CA.crt and also for customer certification usercert.p12 in my instance I got in username too.

2019-12-03 03:32:51

You can access your cer/pem from SD card with proper MIME type to be mounted making use of TJWS (Android version), so you do not require to post your certification to some internet site.

2019-05-31 17:26:57

For other individuals seeking this solution that can not make use of realmB is remedy due to the fact that they can not access the net on their phone.
I simply transformed the documents expansion of my certificates from .cer to .crt and also every little thing functioned great! Many thanks to the customers of this xda string for the remedy.

2019-05-31 16:55:36

I've made use of RealmB's Android Certificate Installer to wonderful success. You merely post your PEM inscribed (. cer or.pem) documents and afterwards aim your phone is internet browser to the link that is given. No demand for an exclusive key.

2019-05-19 13:22:15

Shows just how to in fact attain this. Worked penalty for me. Attempt it out.

In this article.cer to.pfx (which is what you require on Android) conversion is offered. Straightforward method is offered making use of which you can convert.cer to.pfx and also utilize it to connect to the Wi - Fi network. Plus you do not require any kind of Key to convert.cer to.pfx!!!

2019-05-17 19:09:36