How to install an internet certification on an Android tool?

To get to WIFI at college I need to login with my user/pass qualifications.

The certification of their internet site (the neighborhood web page that requests for the qualifications) is not identified as a relied on certification, so we install it independently on our computer systems.

The trouble is that I do not take my laptop computer with me usually to college, so I generally intend to connect utilizing my HTC Magic, yet I have no idea on just how to install the certification independently on Android, it is constantly denied.

This is what is mentioned in their internet site

> Need for installment of main certificates CyberTrust confirmed by the CRU (http ://

The certificates have details licensed to create encryption keys for information exchange, called "delicate" as the password of a customer.

By attaching to CanalIP - UPMC, as an example, the customer has to confirm the identification of the web server approving the certification shows up on the screen in a "popup window". In truth, the customer is incapable to confirm a certification recognizing, due to the fact that a straightforward aesthetic check of the certificate is difficult.

Consequently, the certificates of the qualification authority (CRU - Cybertrust Educationnal - Cybertrust and also - international - origin - ) have to be mounted before the internet browser for the legitimacy of the certification web server can be regulated instantly.

Prior to you connect to the network - UPMC CanalIP you have to register in your internet browser via the qualification authority Cybertrust - Educationnal - Download the, relying on your internet browser and also select the link listed below:

With Internet Explorer, click the link adhering to.

With Firefox, click the link adhering to.

With Safari, click the link adhering to.

If this procedure is not valued, an actual threat is sustained by the customer : that of being burglarized password LDAP directory site UPMC. A destructive web server might actually attempt really conveniently strike type" male - in - the - center " by impersonating the reputable web server at UPMC.

The burglary of a password permits the opponent to swipe an identification for purchases online can involve the duty of the customer entraped ...

This is their internet site: (in French, Google - convert it :))

Anyone recognizes just how to install an internet certification on Android?

2019-05-13 05:36:29
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For Android 2.2, the certificates ( without relabeling or transforming ) can be positioned at the origin of the sd card.

To install:

  1. Go to the Settings/Security food selection, Credential storage area.

  2. Turn on Use safe and secure qualifications .

  3. Click Install from SD card .

  4. A food selection will certainly show up with the readily available certificates.

  5. Click each certification to install.

Those certificates will certainly after that be readily available to the wifi system.

2019-05-30 06:01:51

I recognize this is late coming, yet I made a device simply for this objective. I was having problem with my Droid, so I developed this device : RealmB's Android Certificate Installer. I recognize it collaborates with Android 2.0 (the OS which works on the Droid), yet I do not recognize for 1.5 or 1.6. Do not hesitate to offer it a shot.

2019-05-17 19:36:20

Shows just how to in fact attain this. Worked penalty for me. Attempt it out.

2019-05-17 19:36:03