Gnome - windows constantly open leading left

I locate this a very aggravating "attribute" on a vast screen display that my primarily made use of applications - terminal and also gedit constantly open straight under the leading - left edge of my screen and also I need to drag them to my eye placement every - time.

I have actually attempted mounting the CompizConfig Settings Manager and also making use of the attribute to place windows centre, yet this has actually had no result - the pressure attribute below isn't benefiting me either:

Window Management - > "area windows" - > Fixed Window Placement - > Windows with set placements instance: gedit 200 200 maintain - in - job - location - to - yes

I can make use of as an example gnome - terminal - - geometry = 140x50+50+50 for the terminal yet this does not benefit gedit.

Any kind of suggestions?

Many thanks

2019-05-13 05:37:01
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The Compiz "area windows" attribute benefits me. It will not function if you simply make use of gedit, however. Attempt title=gedit:

2019-05-18 00:39:27